Gabriele Beveridge

Gabriele Beveridge


Gabriele Beveridge employs the language and imagery of commercial beauty advertising in her practice. By isolating, layering, and deconstructing found objects from the cosmetic industry such as editorial photos, retail display fixtures, and semi-precious stones, Beveridge is able to recontextualize the conventional staging of attraction and desire. Her visual strategies function less as a means of dismantling beauty conventions than of exaggerating them to a point where they are made alien, triggering a blurring of the alluring and the unfamiliar. Beveridge appropriates retail imagery and architecture as ready-made material, finding aged beauty advertisements washed out by the sun and draping her own hand-blown glass orbs over them. In this way, she initiates a tangible communion between found image and object, bestowing a layer of fragility on the commanding gaze of the ad models. The airbrushed allure of the beauty shop poster is thus rendered both sublime and contemplative through its own glamour and excess. Beveridge’s works possess a captivating strangeness, as she manipulates the advertising language and dreamy, flawless aesthetics of the commercial beauty industry into a depersonalised, faintly recognizable distortion of itself. 

Gabriele Beveridge completed her Master’s degree in Fine Art Media at the Slade School of Fine Art in London, where she is currently based. Her work has been presented in institutional exhibitions at Kai Art Center (Tallinn), La Salle de Bains (Lyon), and Arnhem Museum of Modern Art (Netherlands). Other solo and group exhibitions include Bradley Ertaskiran (Montreal), Seventeen (London), Hayward Touring (UK), Yancey Richardson Gallery (New York), Klemm’s (Berlin), Freehouse (London), Emalin (London), and Glasgow International (Glasgow).

Born in Hong Kong, 1985

Lives and works in London, UK