The Armory Show

March 5th – March 8th 2020
The Armory Show
Shary Boyle
Jane Corrigan

March 5 to 8, 2020
711 12th Avenue, New York
Booth P8

For its first participation at The Armory Show, Bradley Ertaskiran is proud to present recent works by Toronto-based artist Shary Boyle and New York-based artist Jane Corrigan.

Shary Boyle works across diverse media, including sculpture, drawing, installation and performance. Her work considers the social history of ceramic figurines, animist mythologies and folk art forms to create a symbolic, feminist and politically charged language uniquely her own. Highly crafted and deeply imaginative, Boyle’s practice is activated through collaboration and mentorship.

Jane Corrigan explores the figure through storytelling. Leaning on accumulative narrative over time, as in a film or novel, the people and spaces drawn from her imagination coexist in entwined and overlapping worlds. Her paintings carry movement through wind-swept parables that feel both fin-de-siècle in their palette and faintly anxious in their symbolism.