Ben Tong

Ben Tong


The dynamic nature of Ben Tong’s process resonates with the evocative impact of the final paintings. His canvases are open and unburdened yet conscious, charged with thought. Tong often utilizes unconventional tools to continuously impress oil paint upon the canvas. The inherent unpredictability of this approach allows the artist to remain open to what may emerge, to be a transmitter for chaos and unactivated imagery. Shapes surface from the repeated acts of painting and wiping away, washed in vivid hues of purple, blue, orange, and pink. Little rainbows revisit various scenes, refracting wavelengths from an unknown origin. Action begets meaning, rather than the other way around.

— Jayne Pugh

Ben Tong holds an MFA from the California Institute of the Arts. His work has been exhibited at Night Gallery (Los Angeles); Commonwealth and Council (Los Angeles); K11 Art Foundation (Hong Kong); Art Basel Film program (Hong Kong); Jack Barrett Gallery (New York); Europa NYC (New York); Kling and Bang (Reykjavik); Gallery Vacancy (Shanghai); and the Hammer Museum (Los Angeles), among other institutions. He was a fellow at the Villa Aurora Foundation (Berlin) and in residency at the SOMA Summer Program (Mexico City).

Born Toronto, ON, 1981

Lives and works in Los Angeles, US