Sharona Franklin

Sharona Franklin


Sharona Franklin (b. 1987) is a Canadian multidisciplinary disabled artist, writer, designer, consultant and advocate. Her work explores radical therapies, cybernetic craft, bio-ritualism, ecology, pharmacology, and social interdependence. Franklin’s practice coalesces discourses of disability, gender, class, and bio-citizenship. Franklin’s visual media practice is archived through social media platforms @paid.technologies, @star_seeded, @hot.crip, and @disabled_personals. Recent exhibitions and projects include a city-wide public art project with the City of Vancouver; Remai Modern, Saskatoon (CA); King’s Leap, New York, NY, an online solo exhibition with Printed Matter / St. Marks, New York; the Audain Gallery of Simon Fraser University, Vancouver; La Casa Encendida, Madrid; New Image Art Gallery, Los Angeles, and Flux Factory, New York.

Franklin will have her first institutional solo-exhibition at MIT List Visual Arts Center, Cambridge, Massachusetts in February 2022.

Born in 1987 in Vancouver, CA

Lives and works in Vancouver, CA