Alexa Hawksworth

Alexa Hawksworth


Alexa Hawksworth populates her oil paintings and graphite drawings with both fantastical and realistic characters unique in their exaggerated gestures and expressions: grimacing teeth, elastic limbs, and unhinged cackles show a dizzying range of physical and psychological states. Her scenes are often imbued with an innovative sense of movement and time, as bodies and objects are propelled across the canvas or captured by the whims of a powerful environmental force. Together, her work shows an imagined, off-kilter world in which desire and emotion burst from the body and collide with the physical realm with maximum, high-velocity impact. Drawing from theatre, performance, and film sources, Hawksworth’s distinct illustrative style combines meticulous rendering with bold painterly gestures, set to an electrifying colour palette. 

Alexa Hawksworth (b. 1994; Hamilton) is a painter and illustrator based in Montreal, Canada. Hawksworth received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Concordia University in 2020. Her work has been shown in solo exhibitions at Bradley Ertaskiran (Montreal), Theta (New York) and Pangée (Montreal), and recent group and duo exhibitions include Franz Kaka (Toronto), Sibling Gallery (Toronto), Projet Casa (Montreal), and Afternoon Projects (Vancouver).

Born in Hamilton, Canada, 1994

Lives and works in Montreal, Canada