Kim Dorland

Kim Dorland


Kim Dorland pushes the boundaries of pictorial representation through an exploration of memory, material, nostalgia, identity and place. His work is a collection of contradictions and contrasts. In pursuit of pushing the limits of his own practice, Dorland is an experimenter at heart who looks for new ways to rethink the language of painting. His refusal to remain faithful to one medium or approach plays into the symbiotic nature of his work; the deadness of acrylic, the sheen of spray paint and the density of oil all unite to engage the viewer.  A painterly vision, which encompasses a fascination with nature inspired by the Canadian landscape and the ability to reveal ordinary life through domestic interiors and portraits of his family.

Kim Dorland was born in 1974 in Wainwright (Canada). Dorland has exhibited internationally, including shows in Milan, Montreal, New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Solo exhibitions have been presented in prestigious institutions, such as the McMichael Canadian Art Collection (Canada), the Contemporary Calgary (Canada) and the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver (USA). Dorland’s work can be found in a number of public and corporate collections including The Sander Collection (Germany); Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art (USA); Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (Canada); Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art (Canada), Blanton Museum of Art (USA); The Glenbow Museum in Calgary (Canada); Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego (USA), Royal Bank of Canada (Canada) and numerous private collections.

Born in Wainwright, Canada, 1974

Lives and works in Toronto, Canada